HTML – Deprecated Tags

This is the complete list of deprecated HTML tags and attributes. The tags are listed alphabetically for easy access. We have also listed what is recommended to use as the tag’s alternate CSS option.

TagDescriptionCSS Alternate
<applet>Deprecated. Specifies an applet <object>
<basefont>Deprecated. Specifies a base font
<center>Deprecated. Specifies centered texttext-align
<dir>Deprecated. Specifies a directory list
<embed>Deprecated. Embeds an application in a document <object>
<font>Deprecated. Specifies text font, size, and colorfont-family, font-size
<isindex>Deprecated. Specifies a single-line input field
<listing>Deprecated. Specifies listing of items<pre>
<menu>Deprecated. Specifies a menu list
<plaintext>Deprecated. Specifies plaintext <pre>
<s>Deprecated. Specifies strikethrough texttext-decoration
<strike>Deprecated. Specifies strikethrough texttext-decoration
<u>Deprecated. Specifies underlined texttext-decoration
<xmp>Deprecated. Specifies preformatted text <pre>

HTML Deprecated Attributes

Following is the list of deprecated HTML attributes and their alternate CSS equivalents.

AttributeDescriptionCSS Alternate
alignSpecifies positioning of an elementtext-align, float & vertical-align
alinkSpecifies the color of an active link or selected linkactive
backgroundSpecifies background imagebackground-image
bgcolorSpecifies background-colorbackground-color
borderSpecifies a border width of any elementborder-width
clearIndicates how the browser should display the line after the <br /> elementclear
heightSpecifies the height of body or other elementsheight
hspaceSpecifies the amount of whitespace or padding that should appear left or right an elementpadding
languageSpecifies scripting language being used type
linkSpecifies the default color of all links in the documentlink
nowrapPrevents the text from wrapping within that table cellwhite-space
startIndicates the number at which a browser should start numbering a listcounter-reset
textSpecifies color of body textcolor
typeSpecifies the type of list in <li> taglist-style-type
vlinkSpecifies the color of visited linksvisited
vspaceSpecifies the amount of whitespace or padding that should appear above or below an elementpadding
widthSpecifies the width of body or other elementswidth